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Biography Of Jing Quan Dao Founder-Master Zhongxian(Alex) Tao

Master Zhongxian(Alex) Tao,founder of Jing Quan Dao is a world record holdei in the art of one finger zen. He earned grand champion titles in both Chinese sanshou and qigong.He is registered as a 7th duan(level) master in China and is a former vice -chief instructor of the shaolin martial monks.
Alex learned the martial arts from age eight. He has learned shaolin, Wudang, Liangshan mmartial arts.He was represented the Shaolin Temple martial monks demonstration group,and visited more than twenty countries to expand China martial arts.After twenty years of hard training,ten years of concentrated research,and hundreds risky self experiments,he decoded the secret of ancient martial arts sutras,combinging its unique sanshou fighting techniques and qigong sepcialty as its core base,to foundJing QuanDao in 1995.He used his Jing QuanDao martial arts skills to capture the highese honor of “Chinese martial arts extraordinary innovator᾿He also demonstrated the very first sanshou fighting teaching video Jing QuanDao combat fighting,which earned high accolades. He won the”outstanding talented person in the world᾿honors in1998.